Ghost Kitchen makeover which

includes $100,000 in working capital

We have creative financing solutions created for restaurants. We work with exclusive finance partners and work at getting the government to back your loan through the Canadian Small Business Financing Loan Program.

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Government Co-signed Loan

Loans will be government approved co-signed loans. You will not be personally liable for these loans.

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Investor Capital

Part of the cash will come from an investor in exchange will take an ownership of no more than 9% of the business.

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Working Capital and Construction

The deal includes $100,000 working capital. The rest of the deal is through a renovation, expansion, or new build.

Take this time to upgrade your restaurant and use working capital cash to get through this.

This deal is the cooperative work of accountants, general contractors, investors, all with the backing of the Government of Canada, to help restaurants get through this time.

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Loan Term Overview

Loan terms are typically repayable over 5 to 7 years. Payback only around 60% of total deal amount.

Interest rate is prime plus 3%.

A lender fee of 2% of the loan applies.

Professional fees, accountant, lawyer and appraiser are additional.

Potential solutions for people with bad credit, upfront fee of $1,500 applies.

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