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OnDemand CPA specializes in helping restaurants increase their overall cash flows. Not only are we the best in the business when it comes to understanding the dynamics of being a restaurant owner, but we also have one of the most cost effective structures.

Working with Us

Our focus is to work with specific restaurants that we know can benefit from our expertise -- this being in the most imperative form of adding value to their cash flow. We won’t pursue your business if we feel we are unable to have a positive impact.

Initial Meeting

We will set up an initial meeting to discuss your business, learn about you, and walk you through our working relationship.

30 Day Application Process

After the initial meeting, we will continue a process over the course of the month of weekly interview calls to better understand if we can add the value your business needs. It is also an opportunity for you to see if you want to work with us at no cost!

Ongoing Relationship

Where we hit our stride is in the ability to have a finger on the pulse of your business through our weekly call sessions. By establishing this, we have the foundation to improve your company’s cash flows week by week, assisted by our custom proprietary analysis and strategy discussions. If after 90 days we don’t see an improvement, we would discontinue the service.


Nearshoring Bookkeeping Services

Let us take away your financial operational headaches by handling your bookkeeping. Our company runs our own proprietary office in Santa Marta, Colombia. Providing exceptional quality record keeping at a price you can afford.

Tax Compliance

Never deal with the CRA directly again. We handle prep, filing, and any back and forth with the CRA that could arise - ever!

Weekly Cash Flow Strategy Sessions

Once we’ve established an opportunity to make you more money than what we cost you, we begin the weekly analytical strategy sessions. OnDemand CPA will be your ostensible CFO, keeping a watchful eye on the cash flows of your business, and examining any areas that require attention. Once problems are identified, we will help put a plan in place to right the ship, and set you on the best possible course.


Ghost Kitchen makeover

includes $100,000 in working capital

Is your restaurant currently closed, looking for a way to pivot?

Our Ghost Kitchen makeover solution is exactly what you need.

We have creative financing solutions created for restaurants we work with exclusive finance partners and work at getting the government to back your loan through the Canadian Small Business Financing Loan Program.

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Haven’t you heard?! We have put together a free video series on weekly cash flow building, whereby we help restaurant owners stretch their dollars. Best of all? You can comment and ask questions! 

The aim is to deliver tidbits of advice for restaurants and their cash flows in a tidy 60 second time frame. 


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